Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not So Fast CNN

I see what you did, and I see you've changed it, but everyone should see the FIRST article you posted on the Lebanese aggression killing an Israeli soldier.

I've posted the revised article, but here is the original:

Israeli, Lebanese soldiers exchange fire at border
By the CNN Wire Staff
August 3, 2010 9:18 a.m. EDT

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) -- Clashes between Lebanon and Israel along their volatile shared border Tuesday left at least one person dead.

The official Lebanese press agency NNA reported that journalist Assaf Abu Rahal was killed in the exchange of fire between Lebanese and Israeli soldiers. At least one Lebanese soldier and a civilian were injured, Lebanon's army said.

The incident occurred after an Israeli patrol tried to enter disputed territory on the Lebanese-Israeli border to install cameras, the Lebanese army said.

The flareup drew condemnation from Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, who called it an act of "Israeli aggression" and an attack on Lebanese soil.

Israel disputed the contention that its forces entered Lebanese territory. It said the Lebanese opened fire on Israel Defense Forces soldiers who were on the Israeli side of the border.

The Lebanese army's account and a report from Lebanese media said the hostilities occurred when Israel wanted to remove a tree.

Lebanon's National News Agency said a Lebanese army unit stopped the Israelis, and the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon intervened.

The Lebanese army said it asked the U.N. force to arbitrate the issue, but the Israeli forces didn't comply and entered Lebanese territory. That led the army to open fire, with Israeli forces returning artillery fire and hitting a house in the village of Odaise.

The Israeli military said its soldiers were on "routine activity" when the incident occurred. It said in a statement that the soldiers were in "an area that lies between the 'blue line' (the internationally recognized border between Israel and Lebanon) and the security fence, thus within Israeli territory."

But Suleiman said Israel violated U.N. Resolution 1701 in crossing the blue line. He said any Israeli attempts of aggression need "to be confronted whatever the sacrifices are" and that he will pursue the issue diplomatically.

Resolution 1701 bars Israel from conducting military operations in Lebanon. Israel has accused Hezbollah, considered a terrorist group by the United States, of violating the resolution by smuggling arms into southern Lebanon.

Israel fought a five-week war with Hezbollah in the summer of 2006 after Lebanese-based militants kidnapped two Israeli soldiers during a cross-border raid. The United Nations deployed peacekeepers to the area in the aftermath of that war.